restraint (2016), installation view, Wola Museum, Warsaw, 19.01-14.02.2016

restraint, 2016

three-channel installation, 0’16”, 0’17”, 0’16”, HD,
black and white, no sound, aspect ratio 16:9, loop, ed. 3+2AP
(screening version: one-channel video, 0’46”, loop)
100x80cm, digital print on baryta paper, framed, ed. 5+2AP
with participation of Radosław 44 and GRF Bemowo historical reconstruction groups

In 2017 awarded Ivan Juritz Prize in London and Grand Prix at the Young Art Biennale in Poland. In 2018 awarded during The 13th Busan International Video Art Festival.

Dexter Dalwood writes: ‘While loking at all the work submitted by the visual artists in particular, the judging panel were keen to shortlist artists who they saw as immersed in their practice. Grzegorz Stefański particularly stood out as someone who was deeply engaged with his work. His three channel video projection ‘restraint’ has been awarded the Ivan Juritz prize this year. It’s a video of two men in uniforms presenting to the camera how to incapacitate a civilian with their bare hands. Stefański has taken as his source a photograph by the artists Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan who from 1975-1977 selected photographs from a multitude of images  from picture archives in California. This was one of the first conceptual photographic works of the 1970’s and demonstrated that the meaning of a photograph is conditioned by the context and sequence in which it is seen. Stefański reimagines the photograph with the two men in uniform as Nazis and creates a piece of physical performance that becomes very contemporary and topical in its restaging. The panel all agreed that Stefański has developed a strong body of work that both understands the roots of modernist practice but is also fully of its time’.


restraint (2016), installation view, l’étrangère gallery, London, 11.2017-01.2018, photo Andy Keate


restraint (2016), installation view, Studio Gallery, Warsaw, 05.2016

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