brave or stupid, Park Morskie Oko, Warsaw, 24.06.2017, photo: Michał Matejko

brave or stupid, 2017

Inkjet prints on archival paper, 55x44cm each. Photo documentation of live intervention performed in Morskie Oko Park in Warsaw on 24th of June 2017. Co-created with Katarzyna Krakowiak and Piotr Urbaniec. Commissioned by Królikarnia/National Museum in Warsaw.

A.H. But tell me what this Romantic myth of mountains has in common with the modern- ist architecture you climbed down head-first.
G.S. For me it was this building, this walking down modernism and its facade that was important. It was only when I looked at the documentation of our action that I realised how, despite how we think of modernist housing architecture as “living machines,” we looked like fairly large figures on that building. We nonchalantly used this architecture, bringing it down to a human scale.
A.H. The text that announces your action brings in the context of dance. I was more re- minded of the dance with death in Bergman’s Seventh Seal.
G.S. That depends on your understanding of “dance.” I think we were dancing the whole time – while walking or sitting – in this sense, the descent was choreographic.
(Excerpt from conversation with Aleksander Hudzik, Katarzyna Krakowiakand Piotr Urbaniec. Full conversation here: Aleksander Hudzik in conversation with Grzegorz Stefański, Katarzyna Krakowiak and Piotr Urbaniec.)


brave or stupid, Park Morskie Oko, Warsaw, 24.06.2017, photo: Michał Matejko

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